Monday, 16 November 2015

Weighty issues

Since having my little one nearly four months ago and having a c-section my relationship with my body has been difficult, I say that in a very sarcastic way! 

Let's be honest I've always had a pretty crazy relationship with food, well not so much food more weight issues. This lies heavily on my mind at all times I'm always on some sort of diet or lifestyle change or some rubbish. 

I did weightwatchers a couple of years ago and lost a whopping 6 stone, it was gruelling but I very much enjoyed the discipline of it and of course felt so much better.

Once I got to my goal i was so happy but it had become quite difficult to attend id started a new job where I was working a lot of hours and it was always when my group was on and then my leader left.

I maintained my weight for around a year and a half but then moved out of my parents house and to a place with my other half, although I only gained a stone during this period.

Then I got pregnant and well now here I am 2 stone heavier. I ate pretty well and was careful during the early part of my pregnancy until I went on maternity and suddenly wanted to eat everything in sight haha! I put on around three stone, little one was 7.6lbs born.

I joined weightwatchers again took out a three month online plan as obviously going to a meeting would be difficult with little one and as I've said before cost is also an issue with my current situation but just didn't shift much weight.

Maybe my heart wasn't in it my body wasn't ready who knows. My mum recently joined slimming world and has lost 3.5 stone so is raving about it. Having looked into slimming world I am going to attempt to do it from home and once Christmas is out of the way join a group.

So here I am currently into my first week I have joined Instagram and Twitter for inspiration and to document my meals etc which you can check out at  

Instagram: Imperfectbeautyxo 

Here goes nothing 

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