Saturday, 9 January 2016

Weigh in journey record

I weigh in on Saturday mornings, my slimming world journey started on the 21/11/15. 
After giving birth on 20/07/15 until the 21/11 I had lost 23lbs I'll be honest 7.6lbs of that was my little boy, Some water retention and a small amount through diet. I followed the weight watchers plan as I had done previously, successfully too I might add I lost 6 stone (84lbs) but this time it just didn't work for me with the time restrictions I had with a new baby counting points and weighing out food wasn't really an option. 

Posting my weight is a big thing for me but if this is going to be an honest journey it's necessary (I am honest with all aspects) 

21/11 - 15.7 Start weight 
28/11- 0.5lbs off
05/11- 3.5lbs off
12/11- 2lbs off
19/11- SS
24/11- 0.5lbs off (weighed in early due to xmas)
02/01/16- 0.5lbs off (normal weigh day) 
09/01- 3lbs off

Total loss - 10lbs 

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