Tuesday, 8 December 2015

Poorly babies and lockdown

So my little man picked up a cold, his first 😞 it has been horrible truly heart wrenching I want to take his cold and have it for ever just so he wouldn't be sick. Unfortunately that's not possible so life has been hard.
I've had very little sleep in the last 5 nights, I mean the last few weeks had been abit up an down but that was nothing compared.
I've been sticking to the slimming world plan, but due to leaving the house twice since it started body magic isn't going well I was hoping to start walking at least 30 mins a day. I'm not making excuses life happens, my son is more important.

It's just abit shit really, trying to up my speed intake this week to hopefully lose something.

In all his drooling goodness 💙💙

Thursday, 3 December 2015

Two weeks

So for nearly two weeks I have been Instagraming pics of everything I've eaten pretty much, I've become a little obsessed haha. 

I am that girl who finds something new and runs with it be it a new item of clothing, lipstick, nail varnish or new toy of some sort (I'm talking you phones, gadgets etc nothing funny guys haha).

As I am currently unable to join a sw group I'm feeling like this is kind of my group, you know when you go to be weighed at group and in those few minutes before, your terrified something will go wrong. I kind of feel like that! 

This week I've noticed a few things that I'd like to talk about:
I have an issue with portion control, sometimes I look at my plate and feel full aha it's literally a joke, I over estimate everything. I am trying to make a conscious effort to stop this but also to stop when I'm full which tends to be after half to 2/3 of my meal. 
I want to do this. I feel like after a few months of my head just not being in it I'm slowly turning a corner, after all this is a journey so I'm sure things will change I just need to learn to deal with these things better! 

Edit: Today is my weigh in day, I have lost 3.5lbs and am feeling really positive and happy about that! So I shall continue I have 1.5lbs to lose to get into the next stone bracket. My next post will be talking about my goals. 


Wednesday, 18 November 2015


I have a serious makeup habit that has been culled by my current maternity leave smp situ (let's not even get started on that) so I have been 'shopping my stash' 
That lipstick is gorgeous Rimmel apocalips in Stellar. It is very much a Christmas red ❤️

Monday, 16 November 2015

Weighty issues

Since having my little one nearly four months ago and having a c-section my relationship with my body has been difficult, I say that in a very sarcastic way! 

Let's be honest I've always had a pretty crazy relationship with food, well not so much food more weight issues. This lies heavily on my mind at all times I'm always on some sort of diet or lifestyle change or some rubbish. 

I did weightwatchers a couple of years ago and lost a whopping 6 stone, it was gruelling but I very much enjoyed the discipline of it and of course felt so much better.

Once I got to my goal i was so happy but it had become quite difficult to attend id started a new job where I was working a lot of hours and it was always when my group was on and then my leader left.

I maintained my weight for around a year and a half but then moved out of my parents house and to a place with my other half, although I only gained a stone during this period.

Then I got pregnant and well now here I am 2 stone heavier. I ate pretty well and was careful during the early part of my pregnancy until I went on maternity and suddenly wanted to eat everything in sight haha! I put on around three stone, little one was 7.6lbs born.

I joined weightwatchers again took out a three month online plan as obviously going to a meeting would be difficult with little one and as I've said before cost is also an issue with my current situation but just didn't shift much weight.

Maybe my heart wasn't in it my body wasn't ready who knows. My mum recently joined slimming world and has lost 3.5 stone so is raving about it. Having looked into slimming world I am going to attempt to do it from home and once Christmas is out of the way join a group.

So here I am currently into my first week I have joined Instagram and Twitter for inspiration and to document my meals etc which you can check out at  

Instagram: Imperfectbeautyxo 

Here goes nothing 

Sunday, 15 November 2015

Blogging fun

Recently I've been thinking about blogging/sharing things online and how it might be kind of good for me to have somewhere to ramble. 

A lot has changed for me since I last turned my hand at blogging. Life has really changed what was previously important and fun has completely done a 180.
I am now first and foremost a mother, I have yet to actually describe myself as that yet in real life! Haha it doesn't half seem strange in print if I'm honest. 

Exactly a year ago or thereabouts I started on this crazy wild journey to motherhood! My little one will be four months old on Friday, I have no idea where that time has gone! After a pretty shitty start he is 'thriving' as they say doing so well.

I just want to talk about him, my life and share pictures really. I mean not many of my friends have children and those that do are heading for their teens. So why not? 


My greatest achievement❤️
I will use this blog as abit of a diary I guess, perhaps to remind me of how lucky I am.